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  1. Jamie

    2012. július 25. szerda at 10:46

    I find myself hnivag to agree with Billy Bob here grrrrr. As sleazy as Assange appears to be, WikiLeaks is still the delivery vehicle of the documents, and not the source stealing the documents. The latter should, most definitely, be found, prosecuted, and appropriately punished.The only way I could see that WikiLeaks/Assange could also be culpable is if it’s found they paid for the source material, making them partners in crime. But that would take some serious sleuth work. Perhaps a Leaking WikiLeaks site needs to start up? heh a WikiLeaks spokesperson does confirm they have contributed to a legal defense fund for Bradley Manning hardly an admission of guilt, and nothing to tie them in as an accomplice.On the whole, I’m much in agreement with all the diplomat correspondence not being surprising, and doubtful it will make much difference in global relations. Only in Obama’s mind were we becoming loved , and it was always a facade that global business was being newly conducted with a happy face.But I will say the diplomatic correspondence doesn’t raise my temperment as much as the exposure of military intel operatives and strategy . Assange’s second data dump. What I find more interesting is that the left leaning media and admin had less venom publicly for that data exposed than they do for this one. Embarrassed diplomats do not equate to loss of intel and dead operatives in our battle theatres. Bizarre priority, if you ask me.Reply

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